Non-Formal Vocational Skills

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RAAD-SEP was started in August 2018, owing to the extensive social economic problems realized within the communities in Jinja and a larger part of the Busoga region. The project is a child born of the Royal Academy of Art and Design to address the problem of unemplyment within the region.

A bigger percentage of the youths are unemployed mainly because they dropout of school for varied reasons. They therefore as a result face extreme poverty, illiteracy and unemployment since they lack necessary skills to enable them find or even create the easiest jobs for themselves.

RAAD-SEP is therefore intended to bridge the gap and provide cheaper practical solutions through the provision of non formal votionals skills to reduce the increasing school dropout rates and henceforth unemployment among youths in the Busoga region.
Statistics show that in Busoga region, the students’ dropout rate is very high. Primary level is 37%, Ordinary Level 19% and Advanced Level is 2%. Parents especially in the rural areas in Uganda cannot be compared with those in urban centers, where needs and service requirements as well as poverty levels are at a very different level. With extremely low incomes for parents in rural areas, delivery of services of essential requirements for example education becomes in itself formidable task as majority of the parents cannot afford paying for their children all the way to university level for them to attain degrees and diplomas in the varied available professions.



To contribute to the improvement of young people’s lives through extension of innovative, sustainable and cheaper non formal skills education to the community.


OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To empower both in and out of school youths with non formal vocational skills to reduce unemployment, as a way of keeping the youths out of current dangers (such as; HIV/AIDS, Early pregnancy, drug abuse, theft) hence breaking the york of vulnerability and enabling them obtain a successful/desirable life as a way of eradicating poverty in Uganda.

1. To reduce vulnerability and dependency among the young people in the rural communities the project catchment areas.
2. To advocate and mainstream non-formal vocational skills education with other trainings especially for the school dropouts.
3. To reduce the problem of unemployment among the youths in the region.
4. To provide Counselling and Guidance services to approximately 30-40% youths on psychosocial and economic issues.



Non Formal Vocational Skills Offered Duration Tuition Fees
Tailoring & Garment Cutting 3 Months 300,000/=
Embroidery Making 3 Months 300,000/=
Textile Production (Tie & Die & Screen printing) 3 Months 300,000/=
Textile Production (Tie & Die & Screen printing) 3 Months 300,000/=
Shoe Making 3 Months 300,000/=
Leather Training and Leather Products Making 3 Months 300,000/=
Carpentry & Wood Work 3 Months 300,000/=
Motorcycle Mechanics 3 Months 300,000/=
Computer Software Training 3 Months 300,000/=
Hardware Maintenance & Trouble Shooting 3 Months 300,000/=
Business Management Training 3 Months 300,000/=
Electronics & Electrical Device Maintenance 3 Months 300,000/=
Hair Dressing and Cosmetology 3 Months 300,000/=